PowerScale OneFS 9.4

Arriving in time for Dell Technologies World 2022, the new PowerScale OneFS 9.4 release shipped on Monday 4th April 2022.

OneFS 9.4 brings with it a wide array of new features and functionality, including:

Feature Description
SmartSync Data Mover Introduction of a new OneFS SmartSync data mover, allowing flexible data movement and copying, incremental resyncs, push and pull data transfer, and one-time file to object copy. Complimentary to SyncIQ, SmartSync provides an additional option for data transfer, including to object storage targets such as ECS, AWS and Azure.
IB to Ethernet Backend Migration Non-disruptive rolling Infiniband to Ethernet back-end network migration for legacy Gen6 clusters.
Secure Boot Secure boot support is extended to include the F900, F600, F200, H700/7000, and A700/7000 platforms.
Smarter SmartConnect Diagnostics Identifies non-resolvable nodes and provides their detailed status, allowing the root cause to be easily pinpointed.
In-line Dedupe In-line deduplication will be enabled by default on new OneFS 9.4 clusters. Clusters upgraded to OneFS 9.4 will maintain their current dedupe configuration.
Healthcheck Auto-updates Automatic monitoring, download, and installation of new healthcheck packages as they are released.
CloudIQ Protocol Statistics New protocol statistics ‘count’ keys are added, allowing performance to be measured over a specified time window and providing point-in-time protocol information.
SRS Alerts and CELOG Event Limiting Prevents CELOG from sending unnecessary event types to Dell SRS and restricts CELOG alerts from customer-created channels.
CloudPools Statistics Automated statistics gathering on CloudPools accounts and policies providing insights for planning and troubleshooting CloudPools-related activities.

We’ll be taking a deeper look at some of these new features in blog articles over the course of the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the new OneFS 9.4 code is available for download on the Dell Online Support site, in both upgrade and reimage file formats.

Enjoy your OneFS 9.4 experience!

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