Introducing OneFS 9.1

Dell PowerScale OneFS version 9.1 has been released and is now generally available for download and cluster installation and upgrade.

This new OneFS 9.1 release embraces the PowerScale tenants of simplified management, increased performance, and extended flexibility, and introduces the following new features:

  • CAVA-based anti-virus support
  • Granular configuration of node and cluster-level Event and alerting
  • Improved restart of backups for better RTO and RPO
  • Faster performance for access to CloudPools tiered files
  • Faster detection and resolution of node or resource unavailability
  • Flexible audit configuration for compliance and business needs
  • Encryption of replication traffic for increased security
  • Simplified in-product license activation for clusters connected via SRS

We’ll be looking more closely at this new OneFS 9.1 functionality in forthcoming blog articles.

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